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Practice Management Services

Exos Physical Therapy offers practice management services to meet the specific needs of medical, therapy, and health system practices of all sizes. From business management to treatments and continued patient engagement, Exos can launch, manage, and vastly improve your clinic’s physical therapy service line and revenue stream.

Your Patients’ Success Is Our Priority

Exos Physical Therapy focuses on the individual seeking acute or chronic injury care and movement coaching to improve mobility and prevent injury. Your patients depend on you to provide the best possible medical treatments, and with Exos-managed physical therapy as part of your clinic’s in-house services, you will meet and exceed that expectation.


Clinical patient outcomes for Exos-managed physical therapy far exceed both national averages and minimal standards for change and improvement in a patient’s condition:



Total Functional Outcome Improvement



Upper Extremity Functional Outcome Improvement



Lower Extremity Functional Outcome Improvement



Spine Functional Outcome Improvement

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Design & Development

Let the Exos team create, expand, or renew your physical therapy department with expert facility procurement or construction management, optimal floor plan layouts, and equipment purchase with a minimal upfront investment. From feasibility studies to full-time operations, Exos can manage every step of the process.


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Staffing & Operations

Exos Management frees up practice administrators to focus on medicine and other business concerns. Leverage the extensive Exos recruiting network to bring the best physical and occupational therapists to your patients and manage the daily operations and regulatory compliance of your physical therapy services.

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Patient Engagement

Exos-managed physical therapy services include patient engagement that extends the patient relationship and continues to nurture patient loyalty to your practice. Exos Physical Therapy clinics have a Net Promoter Score (NPS) of 91.

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Partnership with Exos Physical Therapy includes detailed attention to state and federal regulatory compliance measures. Experienced therapists offer conservative, evidence-based services that yield impressive clinical outcomes. Our Therapist Peer Review process and strict adherence to billing guidelines are the cornerstone of the Exos Corporate Compliance Plan. We provide in-depth training in CMS guidelines and compliance for clinicians, both initially and through quarterly chart audits.

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Exos-managed practices experience significant immediate and downstream financial return. From the moment Exos begins to manage a therapy practice, our partners are free to use their valuable time and resources to manage other service lines and focus on patient care. Each partnership begins with an in-depth practice assessment and a specific practice improvement plan, which may include:

  • Operational productivity (units per visit, visits per referral, capture rate, cancellation rate)

  • Scheduling practices

  • Coding (ICD-10 & CPT coding)

  • Clinic design/layout

  • Equipment needs

  • Customer service measures

  • Billing practices (timeliness/accuracy of claim submission, obtainment of appropriate authorizations)

  • Staffing

  • Referral processes

  • Practice-specific management needs

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Patient Outcomes

Deliver and maintain a continuum of care that sets your practice apart from the competition. Physical therapy is an integral part of the Exos approach that helps bridge the gap between traditional rehabilitation and performance training. Exos Physical Therapists provide a complete evaluation of each injury and surrounding areas, looking for deficiencies and weakness that could have factored into the cause of the injury. This holistic approach provides better, faster clinical improvement and reduced risk of future injury.

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Your Practice Goals Are Our Goals

A partnership with Exos Physical Therapy managed services begins with an in-depth assessment of your existing or proposed site and business goals. The Exos team will discuss your vision and challenges and provide solutions tailored to those needs.


Benefits of EXOS management include:

  • Leveraging the proven Exos model of human performance training and therapy

  • Improved operational efficiencies and revenue generation capabilities

  • Highly qualified, credentialed, and capable therapists and staff

  • Full-time operational and patient management

  • Elevated patient and physician outreach to maximize PT clinic visibility and referrals

  • Strict adherence to state and federal regulatory compliance, including ongoing clinician training and chart audits




Fill out the form to learn more about our physical therapy clinic management services, sports performance strategies, and how Exos could benefit your practice.


Or reach out directly with an email to Brett Rivers, our GM/VP, Physical Therapy & Sports Medicine at



"I’ve had the opportunity to work closely with Exos Physical Therapy and Sports Medicine for over two years and have seen substantial growth and a sustainable model for the future."

CEO, Orthopedic Practice

“I can finally walk and move like my former self. ... The staff are warm, caring and professional.”

“I went in thinking at best, I'd bide some time before getting a new hip, [but] I am back weightlifting, skiing, hiking and playing pickleball. … She treated me like an athlete, listened and encouraged me. I am forever thankful.”

Barbara S.

Rene C.

“[The therapist] listened carefully to my description of the severe and shoulder neck pain I was having due to three pinched nerves. Her expertise produced extraordinary results in just a few weeks and without medication from my doctors. I went from a 10 (being the worst) in the pain scale when I met her, to a zero in less than two months.”

Mara P.

I had a dual disk replacement neck surgery late July of 2020 and …I felt amazing after my surgery and was completely convinced I was healed. Nope, I was not. I was over-compensating my torso for my neck movements without even knowing it. [My therapist] showed me so many amazing techniques during our time together and I still use them at home to this day. ... I am forever grateful for her knowledge & the passion she showed to making me a stronger person.”

“[My PT] outlined what the issue was, what the course of treatment would be & why, set some expectation of timing (3-4 months based on how much work I put in) and got to work. …The result - 80% improvement in 3 weeks and a return to most of my normal activities!”

Lori M.

Chris S.

“The appointment process was easy, efficient and always ran on time. The space is clean and organized. I loved that my treatments were available to both email and print for reference. … After just 4 sessions, I have a new routine of home exercises that have stuck, allowing me to do more physical activities and live a pain free life I didn't think I could have. I am forever grateful…”

Charlie R.

“I ruptured my achilles and had surgery in my first trimester of pregnancy. Despite the limited scheduling availability because of COVID, [my PT] and her team worked me into the schedule … Appointments were always useful/effective use of time and the "homework" tailored to my recovery pace and physical abilities. … I am sad to say I am well enough that PT will be ending!”

Contact Exos to learn more about our physical therapy clinic management services and start the conversation about how a partnership with Exos could benefit your practice. Click the button to fill out a quick form and let us know when would be the best time to reach you by phone.

Lauren P.

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